Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zoobles - A cross between Littlest Pet Shop and Bakugans - for girls!

Zoobles ZBL Zoobles Gift Pack Version 1Zoobles Dog and Bunny + Happitats (Colors Vary)Zoobles Bird and Cat + Happitats (Colors Vary)Zoobles Undersea Play Set
How cute are these!  If you remember last years craze, which was mostly amongst boys, Bakugan, then you might recognize these.  Especially created for girls, Zoobles are just like the Bakugans in which they are adorable little characters that look like colorful balls until they pop open to reveal a dog, a cat, a bunny rabbit, a turtle, and a ton more cute characters.  Roll them around and have fun and when placed on their "happitat", they pop open!  These are sure to be a hit with kids this season and would make great - somewhat inexpensive - Christmas or Hanukkah presents! 

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Disney Princesses Favorite Moments Sets - SUPER gift idea for girls!

Disney Princess Favorite Moments Gift Set Ariel Cinderella Belle Sleeping Beauty 4 in 1!
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My daughters have been crazy about these small size Disney Princesses for a while.  Initially I thought it would be short-lived, but it's probably the one toy item in their arsenal that has had the most longevity.

So....I (yes, ME!) got very excited when I was shopping recently to see that a new accessory has come out - these Disney Princess Favorite Moments Royal Boutique small castles just the right size for these small princesses and for tabletop or floor play.

There are currently four sets available: Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Snow White and they are all just as adorable as the next.  They do come with the princess dolls (they're about 4" in height) so if you already have the dolls you'll have duplicates - great for when friends are over playing!  If you're not interested in the castles, there are several sets available for purchase of just the dolls and other sets with more accessories like a horse and carriage and more.  For any little girl who is into princesses, these are a great gift idea, especially with Christmas almost here!