Sunday, August 8, 2010

Enjoy summer even more with a butterfly bungalow

We just got our caterpillars in the mail today!  I decided to surprise my daughters with this and they are so happy.  We purchased this butterfly bungalow from Insect Lore last year and used it right away, but not since.  I found the bungalow hanging around the garage the other day and thought I'd order more caterpillars.

This is a very popular "toy" or gift idea for kids.  Most, if not all, kids love butterflies and they get to learn as they watch the caterpillars eat and grow and form into their cocoons and ultimately turn into beautiful painted lady butterflies.

There are several different sizes of the bungalows available.  We have the one pictured here, but there are larger ones, too and if you click on the link to the left it'll take you to Amazon where you can see them all.

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