Friday, February 26, 2010

For the Yet Unborn Kiddos - Prenatal Music Belt!

Okay, technically this IS something for kids - but it's for kids who are not yet born!  Wear this comfy belt and plug in your iPod or iPhone and play music to your baby in the womb!

Playing music to your baby in the womb is nothing new, but stretching a headset across your belly is clumsy and difficult.  You could stand with your belly next to a stereo speaker, but that's not exactly comfortable.

The Lullabelly can be worn at home or on the go - it's completely hands-free!  Just plug in your player and your baby can instantly start enjoying the benefits of prenatal music.  The Lullabelly speaker generates a safe decibel level similar to that of a normal conversation.  For added safety, it has a built-in volume control dial, so regardless of the music player being used, the expectant mother can separately control the volume of the music to her baby.  This product would make a great gift for any expectant mom!

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