Friday, February 19, 2010

Toy Cash Registers - Let's Go Shopping!

Kids love money - Ha!  Don't we all?!  Kids also love to pretend to do grown-up things, such as go shopping for groceries and such.  My daughters have had a couple of different toy cash registers, but none have compared to this one by Learning Resources.  Learning Resources makes some of my all-time favorite toys; most are as education as they are fun for the kids.

This one is a toy cash register with conveyor belt of sorts - it's not exactly a belt, but more of a built-in "scanner" with sound effects.  The money it comes with is very realistic and true to size.  It also includes a plastic coupon and credit card; there's even a slot to slide the credit card through!  The register has a scale and a coin slot that identifies both real and pretend coins!  This truly is a great teaching register with lots of learning activities.  My daughters play with theirs on a daily basis and although they are too young to learn much math skills, this toy is perfect for their pretend play and they can grow into the more advanced teching activities it provides.  Overall, a very well made product!

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